When Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Royal Dental in Pearland, Texas offers complete tooth extraction in those situations where removing a tooth is a better option than treating it in place. Our dentists near you work hard to keep your pearly whites where they belong, but in some situations, tooth extraction is necessary. Some circumstances are too complex or expensive and call for extraction. For example:

  • Accidents. Accidents can do more than cosmetic damage. If you were in an accident, you might need to have one or more teeth removed for proper healing. We make every effort to preserve teeth in place, although broken, fragmented or shattered teeth may require extraction.
  • Infection. When an oral infection has spread to the tooth or tooth roots, extraction is often required. A pocket of pus often forms around the tooth roots (an apical abscess) or next to the bone itself (a periodontal abscess). The pus causes a lot of pain and can spread the infection to the jawbone, which becomes a serious medical condition. Often, it’s best to extract the tooth, clean out the infected material, and treat the infection with antibiotics at the same time.
  • Wisdom Teeth or Impacted Tooth. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, extraction can be your very best option. Impaction is common when dealing with 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). In the case of severely impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is almost always required.
  • Crowded Teeth. Even when a tooth has grown in straight, you’re not always home free. Teeth can be straight but crowded to the point where an extraction reduces pain and the chances of potential infections. Overcrowded teeth make braces and other orthodontia hard to fit, as well as making it harder to clean teeth. Tooth extraction, in this case, can make daily oral hygiene easier and more effective.
  • Expense. Different degrees of tooth damage, from a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, to severely fragmented teeth, can lead to expense. Sometimes the cost to restore the tooth is too great. Badly damaged teeth or teeth roots can be challenging to repair. Sometimes the sheer expense is prohibitive

The Extraction Process at Royal Dental in Pearland, Texas

If anxiety about dental procedures is keeping you from getting help, Royal Dental in Pearland, Texas offers sedated dentistry, with oral sedation and laughing gas available. The extraction process is straightforward, and we make it painless! The dentist numbs gums and tissues next to the tooth, ensuring a pain-free extraction,

If you’re looking for help getting a great, healthy smile, find your dentist in Pearland, Texas at Royal Dental.