Digital X-Rays Pearland, TX

Get Dental X-Rays in Pearland, TX

When is the last time you had digital x-rays in Pearland, TX? The invention of the x-ray has been one of the most impactful inventions in the entire medical field. Specifically, for dentistry, x-rays let your dentist see what is going on under the surface. By being able to recognize issues like impacted teeth or internal tooth decay, your dentist can treat them before they escalate and become larger issues. For digital x-rays in 77581, schedule your visit today!

Types of Dental X-Rays Pearland, TX

  • Intraoral X-Rays Pearland – the most commonly used type of x-ray, intraoral x-rays allow the dentist to see what is going on inside a tooth as well as the general health and development of the components underneath the surface.
  • Extraoral X-Rays Pearland – while they also show teeth, the main focus is on the jaw and the skull. This can be helpful in finding an impacted tooth or identify any issues afflicting the jaw.

About Digital X-Rays Pearland

Digital x-rays represent a huge step forward in the necessary technology. For patients, 90% less radiation is needed to create the dental x-ray. This greatly helps our patients receive less radiation in their lifetime. The images are also nearly instantaneous and do not require expensive film and chemicals to be developed. This saves considerable time for our patients during their appointments, and the high definition nature of the images allows for a clearer view and the ability to zoom in even further.

Digital x-rays also give us the ability to save x-rays for a longer period of time, meaning we can look back and see the full development of your teeth and mouth in order to identify problems better before they occur.

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