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Do you have chipped, cracked, decayed or damaged teeth? Interested in improving the appearance of your smile? Considering tooth bonding in Pearland? Dental bonding in 77581 is the procedure that uses tooth-colored resin to cosmetically enhance teeth in a variety of ways. The resin used can be altered to match any tooth color and is easily molded so it can repair many issues. Schedule your dental bonding in Pearland today!

Reasons for Tooth Bonding Pearland, TX

Common uses for dental teeth bonding:

  • Improve the look of chipped or fractured teeth
  • Close slight gaps between teeth without having to use orthodontic measures
  • Make the teeth longer, if they are too small
  • Alter the shape and color of a tooth
  • Strengthen a tooth that is too weakened
  • Replace metal teeth fillings
  • Protect an exposed root
  • Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure that can help many patients in many ways. It is also helpful since it does not require multiple visits like getting a crown or veneer. Cosmetic bonding is also less invasive than a procedure like veneers and can be done in one sitting.

Dental Bonding Procedure

  • The tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth. It is either made to match the tooth being treated or is purposely made a slightly whiter color.
  • It is applied to the tooth and is shaped to the dentist’s specifics.
  • Using a curing light, the resin is hardened.
  • The dentist makes any last minute adjustments and buffs the resin to bring out a lovely shine.

When dental issues need to be repaired, there are often many options. Dental bonding is an ideal option since it works for so many different problems, but your dentist can advise you better after a thorough examination and consultation at our Pearland, TX dental office.

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