Sedation Dentistry Pearland, TX

Does the thought of the dentist make you nervous? Suffer from a dental phobia? Considering sedation dentistry in Pearland, TX? Our sedation dentistry near you is the branch of dentistry that aims to use different methods of sedation to ensure our patients have a calm, relaxed and pleasant visit. Sedation dentistry in Pearland has helped many patients overcome their fear of the dentist and take control of their oral health. Ready for your appointment with sedation dentistry in 77581? Contact us today!

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Pearland, TX

  • Helps those that are anxious or that have phobias
  • Help patients with a low pain threshold during simple procedures
  • Completely sedate patients for more extensive procedures
  • Allow dentists to complete multiple procedures at the same time which can help reduce healing time for patients

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Pearland, TX

  • Oral Sedation – given in a pill form, this is often helpful for those that are anxious for their dentists visit, so it can be taken before their appointment. Oral Sedation Dentistry can help many patients overcome fears and anxieties to get the dental work they need.
  • Gaseous Sedation – also known as laughing gas, this sedation is given in gas form via a mask. It helps the patient feel calm and happy, but are not asleep. When the mask is taken off, the effects wear off immediately.
    In addition to sedation, general anesthesia will still be used. Sedation dentistry is meant to calm the patient, but it does not mask pain as Novocain does. After taking an oral sedation pill, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home; please make sure to line up a ride or let us know if you need a car service lined up for you.

When properly administered by a professional, sedation dentistry is completely safe. Our Pearland, TX office near Friendswood has been inspected for safety and certified, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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