Restorative Dentistry Pearland, TX

Do you have damaged, decayed or missing teeth? Considering restorative dentistry in Pearland, TX? The different types of restorative dentistry procedures are aimed at restoring a damaged tooth or teeth. When issues occur in the mouth, they can escalate or cause other issues if not addressed quickly with restorative dentistry in 77581. Ready to restore your smile? Schedule your appointment today for restorative dentistry near you.

Some of the most common procedures for restorative dentistry in Pearland, TX include:

  • Tooth Fillings – The most common dental procedure can help prevent many other issues. When the enamel is getting attacked by bacteria, small holes can begin to form that can lead to cavities and much worse issues. In order to prevent this, the cavity must be filled.
  • Root Canal – If decay starts attacking the enamel of a tooth and is not halted, it can continue until it infects the pulp and roots at the center of a tooth. When this occurs, a root canal treatment is performed to clear out the infected pulp and prevent the tooth from dying.
  • Crowns & Bridges – For damaged or weakened teeth, a dental crown can restore the look and strength of a tooth. When a tooth is missing entirely, it can have negative effects on the teeth surrounding it, so in order to restore the area, a dental implant with an attached crown or a dental bridge can be used to take the space.
  • Bonding – One of the most versatile ways to restore a tooth, bonding uses a tooth-colored resin that can be shaped as desires to repair issues like chips, fractures or a weakened crown.
  • Dentures – When missing all or most of your teeth, dentures can help restore them in order to restore your oral health.

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