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Has your child had their first dental visit? Considering pediatric dentistry in Pearland, TX? By the time your child has their first tooth or has turned one-year-old, it is advised that they visit a pediatric dentist in Pearland. Our pediatric dentistry in Pearland is devoted to ensuring the oral care of your children from an early age. Many large issues later in life can be avoided with children’s dentistry. Ready to schedule pediatric dentistry in 77581? Contact us today!

Preparing for the First Visit with the Kids’ Dentist

If you are nervous about bringing them for their first visit, it is best to not make too big a deal out of it. The more attention you draw, the more they may sense that something is happening. Treat it like the first visit to get a haircut or to get shoes. Phrases to avoid: “That wasn’t too bad” or “it won’t hurt that much.”

What to Expect During the First Visit to the Children’s Dentist

The focus of the first visit is light-hearted and comfortable. Nothing too invasive will be performed, however, expect the following:

  • Typical examination of the teeth, mouth, and gums
  • X-rays to determine if there are any tooth decay issues and to see how the developing adult teeth are progressing.
  • Clean the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment
  • Review home care instructions to ensure the continued health of your children’s teeth

Tips for Baby Teeth Care

While it is rare, baby teeth can get overly decayed and need to be removed. This is not ideal, so prevention is important. Even before teeth come in, clean the baby’s gums with a clean, moist cloth. As soon as teeth can come in, they are susceptible to decay, so start lightly brushing them. For children under 3, use fluoride toothpaste (no more than the size of a grain of rice).

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