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When is the last time you were checked for oral cancer in Pearland? Thanks to a strong push by the American Dental Association, dentists across the country are helping to screen their patients for oral cancer and helping to save lives. Due to the nature of the mouth, cancers that form there can easily metastasize and spread elsewhere in the body. Oral Cancer screenings help to find oral cancer in its earliest phases before it has spread and has a 90% better chance of the patient surviving. For an oral cancer screening in 77581, contact our practice today for an appointment!

Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings Pearland, TX

Oral cancer screenings are recommended once a year. This way, your dentist in Pearland, TX can make sure you are able to get additional help as soon as possible.

Some patients may be at an advanced risk of oral cancer. These patients include:

  • Tobacco use within 10 years
  • Consuming at least one alcoholic beverage a day
  • Immune deficiencies like HIV, AIDS or the Human Papilloma Virus
  • For patients at a higher risk, Royal Dental in Pearland, TX proudly uses Vizilite Plus. This is a non-invasive technology that greatly improves your dentist’s ability to see oral cancer lesions earlier. By finding oral cancer in its earliest stage, your dentist can give the patient the highest chance of survival!

Vizilite Plus Oral Cancer Screening Procedure

  • The patient is asked to rinse with the solution
  • The lighting is dimmed, and a special light is used to examine your mouth

Normal and healthy tissue exposed to the solution will absorb the light and appear dark, while abnormal tissue will appear white, letting your dentist know that this is an area of concern.

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